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Emma Nahna

Parent Literacy Info Session

Sally Grylls-Thomas —

Tuesday 24th May - 8.15am & 6.00pm at Te Ao Mārama

Our teachers are on a bit of a journey, and we want you to come with us!

You may have recently heard the term Structured Literacy; there is a lot of chatter around this approach online, in schools and even in the media. We are learning a lot about how ALL brains learn to read and spell, and adding this approach to the already amazing literacy teaching that happens in our spaces.
Our classrooms are already rich in literacy experiences, including oral language, poetry, songs, shared reading, reading to children, and explicit group teaching of reading and writing- this learning for our teachers is to enhance what we already do.

One of the facilitators we have engaged to help us with this is Emma Nahna. She regularly works with our team & is also going to run a parent session.

We would love for you to join us here on Tuesday 24th May at either 8.15am or 6pm