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I.C.E Time (Home Based Learning)

Sally Grylls-Thomas —

Our online/homebased learning programme is called ICE Time; based on our schoolwide vision of: Inspire Challenge Empower

Please use the link below to go to the website for ICE Time:
Te Ao Mārama ICE Time

Please carefully read the overview page (for our rationale and thinking), parent support ideas, and then there is also a tab for each learning community.

ICE time is designed as a menu - to select as much or as little works for each family. It contains daily ideas, and also a weekly challenge. These will be updated at the end of the week (if required).

We are very mindful that we have many parents as essential workers, parents trying to work from home, parents under pressure etc.

Important Considerations:

  • It is impossible to try and fully replicate a school day for you at home, nor should we be attempting to. We don't expect you to become teachers at home, and the most important thing right now is to keep your children safe and secure.
  • Our key advice to parents and caregivers is to create a small degree of structure, make some time for learning, but also allow space and time for play and exploration.
  • Try to make learning fun as your child’s wellbeing is more important than any academic learning. If the learning becomes stressful for anyone...Stop!
  • This is a new experience for all of us & we don't want it to be overwhelming for anyone.
  • Most importantly, keep it simple and make it work for your whānau — there are no rules as such, and nor is there one “best way”.
Ko koe ki tēna, ko āhau, ki tēnei kiwai o te kete.
You take that handle of the kete and I’ll take this one.