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Te Ao Mārama School

Whiria te tāngata - 11 June

23 June - Junior Tough Guy & Gal Challenge
2 July - Kāhu Market Day
7 & 8 July - Hui-ā-whānau (parent-student-teacher meetings)
8 July - Nathan Wallis Parent Workshop
9 July - Staff-Only Day (School Closed)
9 July - Last Day of Term 2

Absentee Notifications
There are 3 different options to notify us of absentee days:

Please make sure your child signs in at the office if they arrive after 8.40am.


Video: Support Staff 2021

Support Staff

by Anna Pratt

This week we'd like to take a moment to really acknowledge & show our genuine appreciation for the work of our support staff. ❤🧡💛💚💙

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Parent / Student / Teacher Meetings

by Tony Grey

Our hui-ā-whānau (Parent-Student-Teacher Meetings) are taking place on Wednesday 7th & Thursday 8th July.

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Samoan Language Week - Vaiaso o le Gagana Samoa

by Sarah Corkill & Olivia Hotter

We recently celebrated a very special event - Samoan Language Week 🇼🇸

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Attendance at Te Ao Mārama

by Tony Grey

At Te Ao Mārama we value relationships first. Relationships are number one. We are asking for our whānau support to ensure your child attends school on time.

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Absentees with Hero App

by Melissa Langley

Did you know you can send absentee notifications quickly & easily to us through the Hero app?

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