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Tāhuhu Online Learning

Larisha Toomey —

Online learning during lockdown is all go.

(Note from the editor: this Tāhuhu article was completed for the newsletter during Level 3 lockdown). Tāhuhu has had an excellent online presence, with everything your child needs at their fingers. 

To access this, you need to go to our Linwood College website and scroll down until you see a square box saying - Key Information. Within this there is a faded grey heading saying - Junior Learning Site. Click here and this is where the magic happens.

The Tāhuhu learning page is very visible, so you can't miss it. I'm not sure what it looks like to use a phone? It is definitely much easier to access all of this using a chromebook/laptop.

Everything your child needs can be found here. This is updated regularly and supported through the regular online meets the Tāhuhu kaiako (teachers) have with your child. Google meets happen daily for some classes or every other day for other classes. The links for these can be found on our Tāhuhu site.

Our current topics are being taught online and assessment of these will happen as normal, so it is expected that our ākonga (learners) are engaging with this mahi (work) and seeking assistance from their kaiako if they are not sure how to do this. Kaiako can be contacted via email.

We use this online platform in our regular classes at school, so all our ākonga should be well versed in accessing and using this.

We are often asked, how many hours should my child be engaging with online learning? Currently, we suggest at least an hour a day. We do still expect our ākonga to be engaging in their learning, however we are not expecting them to be online for 5hrs a day. We can also appreciate there are other things going on for people and being online is a challenge and we understand that. We are also well aware that learning is not only through an online forum, but there are also plenty of other learning opportunities to be had around the home and we fully support these alternatives. In saying that, if you have collected a chromebook from the school, we are expecting to see your child using this to engage online with the provided mahi.

All our Tāhuhu whānau have been connected with via kaiarāhi, kaiako or myself the Tāhuhu dean, we are absolutely thrilled that we have been able to successfully do this. Something we have found challenging, however, is that there have been a number of incorrect phone numbers, postal addresses or email addresses. So this is a friendly reminder to please ensure you are letting the school know if any of your details change. This lockdown is a prime example of how imperative it is that we have the correct details for you and your whānau.

I hope this finds you all safe and well in your bubbles. We look forward to seeing all the Year 7/8 faces back at school soon, hopefully. Until then, take care.