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Fitness Training

Charlotte Cottrell —

On Friday afternoons, Period 5 you will find a group of hockey players out on the courts with Mr G doing fitness training.

Mr Marco Guglietta is a minor celebrity amongst the year 7 & 8s and he knows how to keep them running and then running more. A mixture of simple hockey skills like dribbling at speed, running with a stick, shuttles and punishments for coming last or complaining. These sessions started out early this term to help prepare the Year 7 & 8 hockey students for their tournaments later in the term - AIMS games in Tauranga and Koru Games in Selwyn.

COVID got in the way and both tournaments were cancelled. Though there are plans underway for a day of local games before the end of the term and we know our students will have the fitness to play multiple games in a day, thanks to the coaches and Mr G. Listen closely and you may hear a chorus of: "We run and run and then run some more." "Mr G is soo tough on us, but it is actually fun." "I know I am getting fitter, even though I still want to collapse at the end."