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TPT Visits the Southern Centre: Multi-sensory experience

James Lowe —

Our ORS and equivalent students had an opportunity this term to participate in a sensory experience programme.

Te Pai Tawhiti (TPT) Linwood Colleges specialist learning classroom went on a trip to the Pioneer Recreation and Sports Centre.

Ella Keen and Dana Bunce.

It is a unique facility with the ability to cater to the needs of the individual, empowering the students to choose their own environment, make changes and have control over their choices and time.

Learning Assitant Carlene and Suleqo Horlor.

Some of the highlights from the sensory space include the smell machine, bubble column, shadow wall, light show, glow room, weighted bed, tactile pads, soundproof chairs, voice changers and more - all aimed at stimulating an individual's senses through smell, touch, light and sound.

James Tavendale.

This was a great opportunity for our neurodiverse students to participate in a sensory experience that enhances their senses including vestibular and proprioception.

Ayden Jayet.