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Te Aratai House Competition

Deborah Young —

2022 at a glance.

This year has seen several competitions run throughout the year.

We started with Kōwhai taking the first win in the Te Aratai Fear Factor. For the remainder of the year we had a variety of events with the different houses placing in different positions with Karaka winning the final event which was our Talent Quest. The performers were outstanding with the audience really encouraging our many talented performers.

The final numbers for the House trophy were close with Waiporoporo a very close second.

Our 2022 House winners this year, for the second year in a row once again goes to Kākāriki.

Well done to all who participated and supported this year. 2023 will bring some new and exciting events for us to try and win the House Trophy.

A massive thank you to our fantastic House Leaders, they were exceptional!