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Kākāriki House Deans' Report

Nick Colville —

An Introduction to the Kākāriki Whānau.

Kākāriki House is happy to announce the new appointments of our pastoral team. Starting in Term 3 we will have Nick Colville as our Senior Dean, Kate Munro continue as our Assistant Dean, and Andy Parr as our Year 9 and 10 Pastoral Assistant. Our team are really looking forward to meeting everyone in Kākāriki and continuing the great mahi that is foundational to this house's success. 

We hope everyone enjoys the school holidays and makes some time to relax and take in a very successful Term Two for Kākāriki and Linwood College at Ōtākaro.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding your child, or just wish to say hello, please feel free to contact us on:

Nick Colville: col@linwoodcollege.school.nz

Kate Munro: kmu@linwoodcollege.school.nz 

Andy Parr: par@linwoodcollege.school.nz