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Celebrating Learning in the Visual Arts

Kirsten Anderson —

Junior Visual Arts learning mixed with a bit of fun this year.

Since returning to our new site at Te Aratai College, the Visual Arts department has grown, in both class numbers and staffing. This is a sign of positivity within the department and one of which we are very proud.

This year the year 9 and 10 Visual Arts classes have been working on developing their practical skills (PK) and developing ideas (DI). These are two strands of the arts curriculum that you will see in your child's reports.

The learners have been introduced to a range of art-making including painting, sculpture, and printmaking. This means that learners have used an artist model to reference and learn from, have created their own ideas and stories to tell in their work, and then learnt how to make their work using appropriate drawing and techniques.

The Learners have built their ideas around their own identity, culture, turangawaewae and whakapapa as building blocks for exploring and expressing themselves through Visual Art. As part of developing ideas, it is encouraged to bring and share elements of self into one's art. Looking at one’s own identity and where they come from creates understanding and meaning.

This year the learners have curated their own exhibitions to share their work with a wider audience. This is a key part of the art-making process and a key new learning for our Akonga. It is also an opportunity for learners to celebrate and share their learning with their Whanau and families.

JUNIOR ART EXHIBITION: The art department will have our final junior art exhibition at the end of the year in week 8 - Thursday 8th Dec at Eastgate Library.