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Te Rōpū Kapa Haka o Kimihia

Manu Paringatai —

On the 14th of August, Waiataha’s Secondary Schools' Regional Kapa Haka Competition was held at Christchurch Boys' High School.

Being the biggest Kapa Haka Competition for high schools within Waitaha the competition was fierce and the lead into these competitions was no different.

Te Roopu Kapa Haka o Kimihia is made up of 5 kura including Linwood College, Cashmere High School, Christchurch Boys' High School, Christchurch Girls' High School and Haeata Community Campus. Kaihaka from these 5 kura came together for 14 weeks to train for these competitions; including our students Jasmine Keating, Jasharay Hume, Liquahn Te Kanawa, Raniera Babbington, Corbin Fahey, Mihi-te-Aroha Kapea, Porourangi Manawatu.

Given that we were working with 5 kura and did not have the same advantages other kura had meant that a lot of sacrifices were made by everyone involved. The lead up to the competitions was gruelling at times with weekends, evenings and even school holidays being sacrificed by tutors, kaihaka, whānau and kaitautoko to train and learn everything kaihaka needed to take the stage with confidence on the day.

Jasmine Keating was Kaitātaki Wahine (female leader) for Kimihia and led the team as a true leader would. She not only encouraged the team on the stage but also off the stage supporting others with their learning and encouraging them to continue to strive for excellence. Her leadership on the day was acknowledged with her winning first place for Kaitātaki Wahine over ten other kapa on the day.

The audience adored Kimihia, and the kaihaka took the stage with such presence, humility, grace and charisma that they were definitely the audience favourites on the day. Our students made us extremely proud and should be proud of their accomplishments from that day. You can see for yourself in the attached film of our performance. 

Te Rōpū Haka o Kimihia - Waitaha Secondary School Regional Kapa Haka Competitions 2021

Placings gained by Kimihia on the day of competition include:

Non-Aggregate placings:

Waita Tira = Second place

Whaikōrero = Second place

Kaitātaki Tane = Second equal place

Kaitātaki Wahine = First place

Kākahu = Third place

Aggregate Items:

Whakaeke = Third place

Mōteatea = Third place

Waiata-ā-ringa = First place

Poi = Second place

Haka = Fourth place

Whakawātea - First equal place

Third Overall Placing

Kimihia Rangatahi

Taku patu, taku patu

Māori mana motuhake