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Tāhuhu Celebration of Learning

Carla Taiaroa —

In Week 3 Tāhuhu students got a chance to display some of their mahi they had been doing in their classes with a Celebration of Learning.

Whānau and staff were very impressed by the quality of work displayed and I enjoyed seeing the students proud of what they have achieved. I would like to thank everyone that was able to make it to their special day.

The Year 7 students were learning about culture and identity. Their task was to come up with a way to demonstrate their understanding of the culture they chose and why it was important to them. They created digital slideshows, posters, models and we even got to try food from different cultures they made themselves (the fried bread was amazing).

The Year 8 students were looking at cultures of interest through an artistic lens. Learning about the people, country, resources, colours and symbolism. They made connections with their own cultures and shared their new knowledge with others through an artistic masterpiece. I was very impressed by the talent demonstrated.