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Emerging Leadership Conference

Noeline Laufiso —

Hundreds of Christchurch’s emerging leaders have gathered at Christ's College for a one-day leadership conference for Year 12 students. Noeline Laufiso shares her experience of the day.

Hi, I would like to share my experience and the many things I learned from the Emerging Leadership Conference. Firstly, I was quite excited to hear from our guest speakers at the conference. It was so good and encouraging for me to hear how I can develop my leadership skills. Logan Williams was our first speaker. I really liked how he told us about his story, his career, and his dreams. He was talking about his innovations and inventions within science with his four different jobs (farming, furniture building, neuroscience and manufacturing). 

The main point I liked about his talk was when he said, “If you want to be successful at something, you have to be successful first then money comes second." Why? Because in the meantime lack of money teaches us how to be resourceful in the future, because our parents are not going to be here with us always and this is why he said the money comes second. We can achieve our goals by working hard. 

What I have learned from our Emerging Leadership Conference is that the future is really important to me and it encourages me and my life in the future. Thank you so much for giving me this special opportunity. I was so excited about taking part in the day.