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Karaka House Deans' Report

Amelia Painter —

Gosh, how life changes in a blink of an eye.

We have now moved into Level 2 lockdown and returned to school. We do hope your whānau are doing well and looking after each other. If you feel your student has fallen behind what they normally would at school, don’t worry too much. We are all in this together and will come out the other end together. The senior year has been extended by two weeks so class learning time has not been affected too much by the lockdown. There is still time to gain the knowledge and credits needed. 

If students are feeling under pressure please remind them to take one day at a time and do what they can. Providing they don’t give up they will be in a good place, and students can still access our Guidance Department for any help or concerns. If your son or daughter would like to talk with one of our counsellors please let us know and we can arrange it. We are here to support in any way we can.

As you will be aware our Wa Whakanui and academic conferences were cancelled. If your son or daughter is in the senior school, you will instead hear from their Ako teacher in the next week or two. They will read through the comments the subject teachers have written and give you an indication of estimated credits based on how they are tracking to date. If you have subject-specific questions they will direct these to the particular subject teacher. Amelia Painter will be in contact if your student is in Helen Mora’s class, initially via email, then if you want further information by telephone. Due to Wa Whakanui being cancelled if you need to contact anyone in regards to Years 9-10 and you would like information on their academic progress, please contact the Year 9 and 10 Dean from the 1st of September. Karaka House: Robbie Timo: tmo@linwoodcollege.school.nz; 022 027 3614. He will do his best to answer your questions or find out from the relevant teachers.

It's interesting how the lockdown affects your daily habits. Robbie usually goes to the gym 3 times a week and loves sweating it out or even using up 10,000 steps walking around Linwood College. This is great in helping him sleep as he would be exhausted especially in winter with a busy rugby season. But trying to replicate that is hard in lockdown. There were a lot of ideas to discover and help on Youtube.

Online learning has been great in the Tahuhu Year 7 and 8 area. They were meeting and sharing lessons with a full and engaging timetable that had fun links for our students. 

Ka kite ano.

Robbie Timo and Amelia Painter