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My Holidays were LIT

Paul O'Connor —

Keeping students engaged in literacy over the two-week break.

As teachers, we are constantly searching for ways to connect our classroom learning to real-world applications. This is especially true for reading and writing literacy… it’s something we need to work on “little and often.” Here are a few tips on how to keep students engaged in literacy over the two-week break.

1. Lists for Literacy

What? Ask your child to be responsible for the weekly shopping list. Challenge them to write as clearly as possible. Watch out for those unexpected items that may find their way onto the list.

Why? Writing isn’t just about being creative, but about being organised too. And it gives us one less job.

2. What’s the Story, Morning Glory?

What? Ask your child to find and recall the most interesting story in the newspaper, on the evening news, or online via kid-friendly news websites like kiwi kids news.

Why? Summarising and retelling a story is a critical thinking skill that is crucial to our students' literacy development.

3. Recipe for Success

How? Ask your child to give you instructions for a meal they would like to cook. This may include a list of ingredients and a step-by-step method.

Why? “Writing for a purpose” means thinking of a way to structure your writing so that it is communicated clearly. This doesn’t just mean essays and stories, but can be lists and bullet points too.

Good luck!