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Photo by Mackenzie Goble

Dunedin Trip Coming Up

Jordan Mayes & Zoe Graham —

On October 31st to November 4th some of the Casebrook students are going on the 1st trip to Dunedin.

We interviewed Madyson (in Rm 1) to see how she is feeling about it.

Madyson is very excited to go to Dunedin because there’s a lot of cool things there but the bad thing that she doesn't like the long drive. She doesn’t know what teachers are going but she does know that they are going to Dunedin in a van. It is her first time going to Dunedin and she said she is not worried about missing her family too much. What she's most excited about is going to the Dunedin Museum to see what's there.

We interviewed Madyson about her going on the first trip but there's actually two trips. The second trip is from the 14th of November to the 18th, it’s the exact same as the first trip but split into two trips so more students could be included.

Stay tuned for how the trips unfold!