Hero photograph
Photo by Courteney Yardley

Room 1 Camp!

Madyson Mercer, Cierra Hayward and Izzy Sale —

On the 20th of February Room One went to Wainui for camp.

To get to camp it is a one and a half hour drive to get to the start of the trek. Then the trek was about an hour and a half long walk. You have at least three different activity groups. The one we were in had the giant swing straight after the trek, the other two groups had coasteering. There were three activities that each group did, giant swing, coasteering and kayaking. There were also a few extra activities like fishing, the wide game etc.

The trek to Wainui Camp was tough, the hardest part of the walk was probably the steep hills and the sun didn’t help either. We had a couple of rest stops on the walk and had some food/water. We took a class picture on the top of the hill to celebrate making it up there. But we still had more to go, now it was downhill. When we got down the hill a bit more we came across some puddles and they were quite large so we had to jump over them or ruin our shoes and walk through them.

The activities that we had to do were giant swing, coasteering and kayaking. Right after we got to camp, group one had to do the giant swing and shortly after that group two and three had to do coasteering. On the second day, group three went on the giant swing while group one and two did some fishing. On the third day group one had to do kayaking very early in the morning and a few hours after they came back group two and three left to go kayaking and it was all in the rain so most of Room One got sick that day. 

The rain ended up making us leave a day early which was sad for the kids because group one and two didn’t get to do their last activities which were coasteering and the giant swing. Group three got lucky and got to do every activity.

On the first night we had burgers, they were actually good and I’m a really picky eater so it’s probably really good. The groups helped make the dinners and my group made 2/3 of the dinners because we were the only group there to do it. The second night we had lasagna and that was also really good. On the third night we had nachos and we were supposed to have ice cream but we had to go home early so we couldn't. 

Breakfasts were really good because we just had normal cereals and things. I can’t really remember what we had for lunch but I’m pretty sure that it was just like biscuits and fruit, and morning/afternoon tea wasn’t too different.

We had a great time!