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Photo by Genevieve Feron

Letters To The Queen

Awatea Waretini and Ellah-Brooke Midalia —

Not many people write to Queen and get a response! Jodie and Angelee can both tick that box. Awatea and Ellah went and asked them some questions to find out more!

Jodie Wooddin and Angelee Wagener both wrote letters to the Queen for her birthday and received thank you letters in return from her.

Q. Why did you write to the Queen?

A. It was a Casebrook Challenge and I felt happy so I wrote a birthday letter.

Q. What did you put in the letter and why?

A. A happy birthday message and a few questions to get to know her. I know that she loves animals and I got two new puppies and I have a cat.

Q. What did the Queen write in response to your letter?

A. Thanks for writing and saying happy birthday, I am very grateful.

Q. Did you enjoy writing to the Queen and why?

A. Yes, very happy because she has friends over there whose letters may not arrive in time.