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Private Music Lessons 2023

Genevieve Feron —

2023 is the year to learn a musical instrument!

Now is the time to consider your options for private music lessons at Casebrook for 2023. Attached to this article is a letter from all the music tutors outlining fees and lesson timeframes.

We have a number of very well qualified, excellent teachers, and the students who take part in this programme always tell us how much they enjoy it, and the gains made musically over the two years at school are very impressive.

We allow our students to leave class for their private lesson as it enhances learning and creativity.

We offer the possibility of private lessons or group lessons with our tutors. 

This year we are offering tuition in the following instruments: Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano, Violin, & Singing. 

We are able to organise a tutor for flute or clarinet etc of the interest is there.

In 2023 we are offering our classical instruments for hire to students who wish to try violin or flute free of charge (bond may be required).

Additionally, we offer several musical groups for students to join. Each year we develop groups that match the instruments and experience available. We will be looking for keen musicians for our Casebrook rock/pop bands and Casebrook Singers. There is no charge for students to participate in these groups if they are accepted after auditions.

To enrol - please read the letters from out music tutors then complete the form linked here:


If you have already signed up for Monster Music Guitar lessons, please complete the form anyway as it will be important data for our records. 😃

Today we held a music lesson assembly where our students got to meet our private music teachers and hear/see more about their instruments.

If you have any specific questions about the instrument, please email the music tutors directly. If it is a wider school question, please email me - sbroad@casebrook.school.nz

Sam Broad

Teacher in Charge of Music