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Photo by Bev Bell

Dunedin Inquiry Trip

Bev Bell —

On November the 14th the second Dunedin inquiry trip took place. There were a total of 35 students, two teachers and two parent helpers on the trip.

The students took part in many activities during their time on the trip.These activities included visiting the albatross colony, ice skating, clip ‘n’ climb, a trampoline park, museums and many other exciting experiences. Some of the students that we interviewed who went on this trip said the most popular activities were clip ‘n’ climb and ice skating.

All the students that we asked about their experience said they really enjoyed it. Miss Kerr said, “Any students wanting to go on the next trip should just do it.”

There isn’t another Dunedin trip until 2024 but next year Miss Rennie will be taking a group of students to Mount Cook for another Inquiry trip.

By Abigail, Peyton, Alexis and Paige.