Hero photograph
Photo by Catherina Hengst

Lost property

Catherina Hengst —

Lost property is on display in Te Puna Waro (TPW) for students to claim their items at any time that is suitable for their teachers.

Please make sure students items are named clearly as this means they will be returned to them very quickly. This includes items going on camp or the adventure days coming up.

We have some articles of clothing from late last year that arrived from the Big Day Out, and as the classes were being cleared and tidied up...

  • red NYC hoodie
  • grey Calvin Klein sweatshirt
  • grey sweatshirt (white lettering)
  • cat cafe t-shirt
  • girls pink/purple/blue long sleeved swimsuit
  • grey bra
  • black and white zip up hoodie
  • maroon jacket
  • pair black and white gloves
  • dark grey BKLYN sweatshirt

NEW from last week

  • black cap RYCO

HELD in the office

  • glasses
  • sunglasses
  • watch
  • keys
  • Cotswold badge
  • Pandora bracelet