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West Melton School believes in a Digital Citizenship model for supporting the safe and responsible use of digital technologies (iPads, phones, computers, TVs, apps, printers, the internet and wireless networks) in teaching and learning. We can look at exciting things online, talk to people, create new ideas, and learn how to do different things on apps and websites.

When used responsibly, we think digital technologies can empower us as learners and help us be innovative and connected. When we use digital technologies, we need to learn how to keep ourselves safe and make smart choices in how we behave online. At West Melton School, we call this being a ‘digital citizen’. Good digital citizens help to make our school a safe and positive place for everyone.

We think a digital citizen is someone who;

  • Is a confident and capable user of digital technologies

  • will be in the right place at the right time

  • will use digital technologies for learning as well as other activities

  • will think carefully about whether the information they see online is true

  • will be able to speak the language of digital technologies

  • understands that they may experience problems when using technology but can deal with them

  • will use digital technologies to communicate with others in positive ways

  • will be honest and fair in all of their actions using digital technologies

  • will always respect people’s privacy and freedom of speech online

  • will help others to become better digital citizens

As a student of West Melton School and also part of our community, we ask ākonga to help make our school a place that is safe, friendly, and fair. Being a digital citizen means taking our school values and acting on them, whether online or offline and helping to make our school a positive place to learn, connect and play.

When using digital technologies at West Melton School, we expect everyone will always be a good digital citizen. They will do this by always showing their ICE DRIVER values.

In each newsletter, we will outline what our ICE DRIVER values look like online, starting with Innovative Connected Empowered.

  • I understand that digital technologies are helpful in lots of different ways.

  • I know digital technologies help me learn, talk to people, buy and sell things, and have my opinion heard.

  • I will only use digital technologies with the support of a trusted adult.