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Hell's Pizza Reading Challenge 2022
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HELL Pizza Reading Challenge 📖📚🍕

WMS Literacy Group —

Yes, the Hell's Pizza promotion of reading is back at West Melton School! This time round it is available for all the Kōwhai, Tī Kōuka and Mānuka learners.

Here’s how the promotion works:

  • Your child will receive a pizza wheel with 7 spaces. They must read 7 books to fill up their wheel so that they are able to receive their free 333 kids’ pizza from their local HELL store.

  • If your child is too young to read yet, you can read to them or with them and record that on the wheel.

  • Please record when they read a book. Fill in your child’s book titles yourself and each segment of the wheel needs to be signed off by a teacher (only one segment per night, please!). It’s very important to make sure not to write over the QR code or serial number. We will NOT sign off pizza wheels that children have written in themselves, as under the terms of this promotion it requires an adult to do this.

  • When the wheel is filled in, it needs to be stamped with the school stamp before it can be redeemed at a Hell’s Pizza store. We will do this at school for the children, so do make sure they have their wheels at school regularly for this to happen. Keeping them in reading packets is a good idea. Your child’s community will let you know what days pizza wheels will be stamped.

  • Children are allowed more than one wheel, so when your child has had their first one stamped off, we do have some more available for them.

  • Your child must redeem their pizza wheel(s) IN PERSON and before the expiry date, which is Tuesday 31 January 2023. Each wheel will feature detailed rules and regulations, as well as a serial number that will be traced back to your school/library.

  • If you have any further questions about the Hell’s Pizza reading promotion please get in touch with Moira McKendry at moira@westmelton.school.nz