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Yr 12 OED Little River

Brooke Ebdon-Collings —

Recently the 12 Outdoor Ed class went on our cycle tour. We had to go with plan C, The Little River Rail Trail because the West Coast was pouring with rain. Though Banks Peninsula weather didn't fair much better!

We started at school, packed everything up and headed off to the start of the trail. Once we got there, we unloaded the bikes and one van headed off to the pub where we finished the trail. While waiting, we had some lunch and made sure everything was ready to go. When the teachers came back we headed off. We biked into a tailwind and had a few stops along the way. Towards the end of the bike, there was a very strong head wind where many people walked. Once we got to the end, we waited for everyone to arrive at the pub. After a small rest, we headed off to bike the last bit to the campgrounds.

On arrival everyone set up their tents, and then we got some free time before dinner. Everyone surrounded the table at dinner and then Mr Dickens taught us how to use the cookers. Then we made our dinner, and cleaned up afterwards. Once the area was cleaned up, we all had free time. Some people had showers, played on the playground, chilled out and then later on there was a fire where people just chilled out and talked. Soon after it was time to get ready for bed. Everyone got into their tents, talked and then fell asleep for a 7 o-clock wake up. We packed up our tents and then had breakfast. After everyone was ready we headed off to bike into the township. Once we got there we found out that we weren't biking the trail back because of the strong winds and rain. While the teachers had to shuttle the vans back to where we were. We unpacked and gave back anything we hired from the school, put on warmer clothes, put the bikes on the bike racks and our packs in the trailer, and got some food. Once the vans got here we loaded up and headed back to school, where we unpacked, cleaned everything up and said our thanks, then everyone left.