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Photo by Sport Coordinator (Pip Deans)

Darfield High School Open Evening

Sport Coordinator (Pip Deans) —

On Thursday 9th March, we are holding an information evening with presenter and mentor William Pike followed by a Sports Presentation.

This is an Open invitation to join us to learn about some great new initiatives at DHS this year.

Our year 7 students are participating in the William Pike Challenge this year for the first time.  This programme has been funded by the Westview Special Fund. 

Students learn skills needed to cope with the unexpected

Develop strengths in students they don’t know they have
We need to step outside of the classroom to really develop skills such as leadership, responsibility, creativity, social skills and community involvement.

Develop passion projects to build focus and commitment
Learning to work out what is important to a young person is a big step. Giving them the framework to make choices and decisions, then develop and implement actions to bring their projects to fruition provides an essential foundation for later in life.

Build better relationships
Many students who complete the William Pike Challenge find their relationships with fellow students, teachers and even parents improve because they learn different approaches than with what they grew up with or are used to currently.

Challenges that can’t be achieved inside the classroom
With the William Pike Challenge, students are challenged in ways that simply can’t be achieved inside the classroom. It’s strength lies in taking students outside their comfort zone to solve problems or deal with situations they never expected, but at same time they have fun doing it!

Followed by our sports evening from 6.30.  Come and meet the team and learn about what sports DHS has to offer.  Hear about our student success and the future of sport at DHS.  

Concluded by refreshments.

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