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Science in the Real World

Stuart Gerritsen —

This year Darfield High School has joined the Secondary Schools Employer Partnership (SSEP) run by MPI. It has taken a little while to get running, with disruptions due to Covid and it being a new initiative for the school and employers.

Yr 10 Science classes have linked up with local employers to learn how some of the things studied in Science classes are used in real life.10ED has been working with Southern Woods to learn how plants are grown from seeds. This links in with the On the Farm topic we studied.

Devin and Chris from Southern Woods came to class and brought some locally sourced Pittosporum tenuifolium seeds and seedlings for the students to learn how to plant the seeds and then prick out the seedlings.

The aim is for the plants to be planted around the school.

Later this term all the Yr 10 Science classes will be working with Fonterra to see how Fonterra uses energy to make their products. This ties in with the Buying Energy topic the classes are currently studying.