Opportunities to assist your students in Passing Exams

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Helping Senior Students Improve Their Exam Results

Final exams are approaching fast!

To support senior students with their exam preparation, Patrick Sherratt, from Innervate Education, has been facilitating a study skills seminar in schools around the country called Passing Exams.

Patrick has now condensed all the content from the seminar into an on-line learning programme – ten units each with a PDF document download that can be accessed at any time.

The Passing Exams programme presents a 5-step “how to study” approach – everything your teen needs to know for how to improve their exam preparation and ultimately results.

Within these steps, Patrick also presents solutions to common challenges your teen may experience in the lead-up to their exams next term. Within the programme are suggestions for how to:

  • improve motivation,
  • reduce distractions,
  • optimise memory retention and recall
  • reduce exam nerves…. and more

To get an overview of the programme, simply visit: http://howtopassexams.com/

StudyIt forums for NCEA students are now open

If you have students preparing for end-of-year exams in NCEA Levels 1-3 English Maths, or the Sciences, please let them know that the StudyIt forums have opened.

Teacher Development Aotearoa has partnered with the Ministry of Education to facilitate the StudyIt forums for students to discuss NCEA achievement standards and seek general study and exam advice, including tips on how to study smart.

The forums will be open for the remained of the school year, closing on 20 December 2022.