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Lily Seaton, Lucy Skene, Brianna Riddle (L-R)

Animal Game

Lucy Skene and Brianna Riddle —

Last week the Year 7’s who did not attend Koru games, along with some Year 8’s spent their time at school researching, designing, making and planning the Animal Game. This is a giant game of tag based around the food chain and a range of animals.


Each player will be given an amount of life cards according to their animal. Any animal above you on the food chain is able to tag you and take one of your life cards. Anyone under you on the food chain you can tag them and get their life card. If you lose all of your life cards you will be taken to the graveyard, then you could come back as a storm. The storm then can tag anyone and take their life card. You can also come back as a hunter. The hunter is able to shoot the players by calling out their name, so you must hide when people yell “the hunters coming.” There will be food and water cards hidden in the area you are playing. You have to find two of each and survive from other animals, storm and hunter to be able to win. Even if you survive from those things but don't come back with the two food and water cards you don't win.

You can pick different animals but this is the food chain we did: