Orana Park Recap

Orana park was a fun way to learn and understand more about leadership and conservation. We were also lucky enough to see our favourite animals and learn all about them.

Leadership has some key qualities like trust, respect , honesty and lots more so the people that work at Orana Park are their leaders because they keep and look after animals as well as bring awareness to endangered species.

We all enjoyed seeing the animals but for me in particular I enjoyed seeing the giraffes and not only feeding them but learning about them and how we can help them from going extinct. For example giraffe habitats are being destroyed; and causing giraffes to go extinct. Luckily if people educate others and bring awareness to the situation we can all make an end to people destroying their habitats.

I had so much fun being at Orana park and seeing different animals and also learning about how some animals live like tuataras. They have to live in a warm place because they are cold blooded and they can't heat themselves up.

My favourite animal is probably the spider monkeys because they can swing by their tail and make cute faces at you when you look at them and how much they act like a human. So the spider monkey is in the zoo because it's going extinct and there's only 300- 400 left in the world.

Overall we are all very grateful for the amazing opportunity to go to Orana park. It was such an amazing experience including learning and seeing unique animals and finding out ways to save them from going endangered.

Elise Wilson, Zane Latchford and Linnea Friend