Year 11 Camp at Mt Hutt

On Tuesday 30 January the Year 11s left for Mt Hutt retreat. When we arrived we had lunch and got straight into our activities. We were split up into seven groups and for every activity you got points depending how well you did, to make it a competition. 

My group got to do the low ropes activity first with Mr Dickens, we worked together and used manaakitanga to work together and made it through all the challenges. We used this in all of our activities like hut and raft building, movie making, maze puzzles, abseiling and magic hat and carpet. 

I enjoyed the camp because I got to spend time with my friends and learn a lot about team building and the new NCEA system. At the end of every day we got to go on a long water slide down a hill and it was the goal to reach the end, you could go with your friends. It was very thrilling. The abseiling and low ropes were my favourite because they were exciting and scary. 

It was good to see everyone coming together and solving problems. We returned to school on Thursday and did the last three periods in classes. Everyone had a great time and took away good memories. 

We would like to thank everyone who helped plan it, Mrs Rudman, Mrs Clark, Ms Tregear, Mr Dickens and Mr Smith. We really appreciate all the work you put in.