Camille and Angie at Westmar Senior Care

For the last few weeks I have been going to Westmar Senior Care for work experience.
I really enjoy going there as I am able to work in the kitchen with Lisa. Together we make lunch for the residents. I am learning a lot about working in a busy kitchen. I also check the dates on the products in the store room and help with the stock rotation. Next week I am staying to help serve lunch to the residents.

This week I was very happy to see Angie Early at Westmar, she was on her first work experience day. She had her iPad with her so she was showing the residents how it works and they played a game on it. Angie handed out biscuits, she was tempted to eat one but she didn’t! When we got back to school Angie said she is enjoying her work experience at Westmar.

Thank you to all the staff at Westmar Senior Care for giving us this opportunity and making us feel so welcome.