YES, Year 13 Business Studies

We are a Year 13 Business Studies group and we are part of the Young Enterprise Scheme (YES). This requires us to create and sell a product. 

We have created a cup holder extender - the Cup Boost- that fits large drink bottles or containers that don't fit in your car's cup holders. The cup holders are 3D printed and as we are an eco-friendly business most of our cup holders are made out of 100% recycled filament with some colours being made out of biodegradable and compostable filament. 

We also offer a full recycle service which means you can bring us your old or broken cup holder and we will melt it down and make filament out of it again. We are selling our cup holder extenders in two different heights. Short and tall (tall just holds the bottle in more securely). We can do any size and any colour you require. Short cup holder extenders are $26.99 each and a tall is $29.99 each. Cups may be personalised for an additional cost of 50c per letter.

 Colour options are:

rPETG: (recyclable Filament)
Black, Silver grey, Clear, White, Electric blue and Emerald green.

PLA: (biodegradable and compostable filament)
Royal blue, Purple, Hot pink, Race car red, Orange, Gold, Yellow, Army green, Fluorescent either Pink or Yellow. 

Product Dimensions are:


Height 11.5cm x Width 11cm; Bottom insert: Height 4cm x Width 7.7cm

Height 5cm x Width 11cm; Bottom insert: Height 4cm x Width 7.7cm

A Custom size is $35

Order now by sending an email saying what size drink bottle you have and the cup holder extender colour of your choice. We accept bank transfers or cash.

Instagram: @cupboost23

Molly Macpherson CEO Cup Boost