28 July 2023

Logo Competition:

Darfield Residents Association (DRA) invite entries for it's new logo. Please see attached information for rules and guidelines. Competition closes 15 August 2023.

The Darfield Scout Group is running a bacon fundraiser! You can buy 1kg packs of delicious Premier Beehive Streaky Bacon for only $20!This bacon normally costs upwards of $27 in the supermarket, so get yourself a bargain and please help the Darfield Scout Group fundraising efforts! This is not a standard fundraiser offered by the company, the Darfield Scout Group have negotiated it directly with Premier Beehive, therefore it is a special offer that you can get!
To order please email darfieldscouts@gmail.com or message Darfield Scout Group NZ | Facebook or see the fundraiser Facebook Marketplace ad or phone 021 0412 695. Alternatively, if you know a Scout at Darfield High School then you can order directly through them! Thank you for your support :)

Information regarding new Metro bus fares.

On 1 July the fares on Greater Christchurch public transport, buses and ferry, changed. The 50% fare discount funded by the government has now ceased. Environment Canterbury have now implemented a new fare structure with some exciting changes.

  • Single zone – all metro buses are a single zone. The same fare is now charged wherever you board or disembark in Greater Christchurch.
  • Cash fares are $4/adult and $2/child (under 19)
  • Metrocard bus concessions are $1. These apply for people under 25yrs as well as people with a Community Services card, a Total Mobility card or who attended a partnering Tertiary provider. For more information see - https://www.metroinfo.co.nz/travel-and-fares-info/new-fares-from-1-july-2023/

What do your students need to know?

  • Your date of birth on your Metrocard activates the ‘Under 25’ concession. If a student paid child fares on their Metrocard pre-July , they will receive this concession automatically.
  • All other Metrocard benefits such as free transfers and capping remain

What about free fares for under 13 yrs that the Government announced?

Canterbury has not yet implemented free fares for under 13yrs. We will be providing an update of the timing of this when details are confirmed.