Year 7 and the William Pike Challenge

Jacob Morris, Maia Wakefield, and Alex McCulloch are all completing the William Pike Challenge (WPC) this year as part of the Year 7 program. ​​

The WPC is about getting students out of their comfort zones, trying new activities and giving back to their communities. This helps them build resilience and create a sense of purpose that goes beyond the ‘self’. The program helps develop strengths in students they don’t know they have.

For the Community Service part of the Challenge Alex has been helping his family grow vegetables to put in the Darfield Community Pantry which provides healthy food to those in need. He has also been learning to play basketball and learning to draw for the Passion Project part of the Challenge.

Maia has been working towards her 20 hours of Community Service by helping the Castle Hill community through selling cakes at the Easter Market, she also helped with the set up and clean up of this. For her Passion Project she has been working on learning how to roll her kayak and learning to kayak in rivers.

Jacob has been bagging walnuts and putting them in the Community Pantry for those in need and for his Passion Project he is learning all about his new hobby- Dog Agility.

These 3 Year 7 students believe that the WPC should form the base of all that is done in Year 7 as it teaches students valuable life skills and gets them out in the community. They are all enjoying the WPCA and find it a fun way to help their communities. They have found it easy to pick up new hobbies and try new things.

The third part of the WPC is the Outdoor Activities. So far Year 7 students have been given the opportunity to attend a Rollerblading and Skateboarding event. Further into the year they will go out and complete more of their outdoor activities as a year group. More information will be released about this further into the year.