Community Service Feedback from our Year 9's

Amy Armstrong and Sofia Williams


When we went to the preschool there were a bunch of little kids and we played outside with them on the playground, on bikes, and in some trees. They were scared of us for a while but after a bit they warmed up to us and started to talk. Soon we were met with smiles everywhere we went, all the kids and staff were lovely to be around and we were lucky to have such a nice experience.

Alex Herrman

Project you participated in the Fire Station cleanup

The fire station cleanup was really fun. The person that took us, Philip, was really nice and explained and prepared the clean up really well. At the end, we were allowed to wash the fire trucks, and Philip let us use the fire hose at maximum pressure.

JD Clarke

Project you participated in the Fire Station cleanup

We went to the fire station for our community service, we had to clean the fire station for the first hour or so and then we washed the fire trucks. this took us maybe an extra half four and then we got to shoot the fire hose at full pressure. The man that was running it's name was Philip.

Riley Jones and Hunter Thyne

Project you participated in making bike track jumps.

Me and Hunter went into the woodwork room and planned out how to make kicker and balance beams. After we planned we started using the saws to cut through the wood that we have to break apart from old jumps and then we making them properly so it took us time to make and its quality once we finished the jump we went to the back field and started dismantling the table with your hands and hammers for spare we still haven't fully finished it and we hope you have fun on them

Zoe Truscott

Project you participated in.  Annabel's preschool 

It was very fun and I want to do it again. My group was good as well.

Alfie Pask

Project you participated in. BMX park/jump building

It has been fun in the woodwork room creating jumps with plywood and other materials.

I found it interesting learning how to create the ramps and beams and it is a nice feeling knowing that other people are going to enjoy using them in the future.

Mitchell Pooke

Project you participated in: cleaning the fire station

It was Fun at the fire station. It was fun cleaning the fire station and the trucks and after we finished cleaning we got to use the fire hoses .

Ben Robinson

Project you participated in: painting tyres

It was fun painting tyres for the sensory garden. The tyres are based on the five senses and it was fun organising the tyres with the learning centre and it was even more fun painting them.

Maia Townsend

Sausage sizzle and bake sale.

Me and the girls in my group were tasked with making lolly cake and the boys had the sausage sizzle. The baking was enjoyable and it made us share ideas with each other.

I enjoyed making the lolly cake and we made quite a bit of profit from them.