Hero photograph
Kayne Child on Guitar,Josh McCaffery on Bass, Kiera Jonkers on vocals, Joel Coleman on Drums 

Band "Better Than Bacon" Bio

Van Elkayem —

Better Than Bacon formed in 2015, and its members include: Kayne Child on guitar (Year 11 at Hagley College), in a collaboration with three students from Burnside High: Kiera Jonkers on vocals, Joel Coleman on drums, and Josh McCaffery on bass.

They have a definitive rock sound to their band with rock riffs and a driving rhythm section, layered with powerful vocals and bluesy solos. In 2016 and 2017, Better Than Bacon performed at the Smoke Free Rock Quest Canterbury Heats, and made it through to the Canterbury Regional Finals. This year, they made it to the Regional Finals again, and won ZM’s People’s Choice Award. Kayne also won the Musicianship Award. They are currently in the first video round under judgement and will find out if they make it to the second round on July 27th.

Well done Better Than Bacon, the Music Department is very proud!