NCEA Holiday Programme  

Thi Phan —

In a few months, senior students will be writing their external NCEA exams.

The Homework Centre will organise a NCEA preparation programme to support them during the school break, from 2-6th October 2017. Hope it will be timely and beneficial to the students!

Our experience with NCEA preparation programme was great. Last year, a total of 133 students participated in the programme. These students came from 15 different schools across Christchurch.

During the 5 days of the programme, the students practised answering exam questions so that they could improve their achievement grades. Students said they benefitted from the teachers’ feedback and pointers on how they answered and what they could do to meet the grades of merit and excellence. Teachers of Mathematics and Commerce subjects like Economics and Accounting were busy as more students required support in these subjects. One student voiced that his goal for attending the NCEA Holiday programme was to have a better understanding of what was required in the external examinations which would in turn help him understand his answers to the questions.

Please do register soon and get yourself ready for the NCEA this year!.

Contact Ikran Ahmed on 021 024 09710 or