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Photo by Leoni Combrink

Student Wellbeing Expo, Thursday 27th February 2020

Anne Farrall —

Over the last few years we have held a Student Wellbeing Expo, which gives our students the opportunity to connect with people from different health and wellbeing organisations in Christchurch, as well as doing other activities such as team games and having the chance to win spot prizes.

Some of the organisations attending this year are NZ Blood Services, Volunteering Canterbury, Youth Service, All Right? campaign (mental health), Q-Topia, Sexual Health, and Health Promoting Schools. The Expo has always been a successful day for our students and staff, and we are looking forward to the 27th.

This year for the first time we will also have a two-hour after school session in the Cafe (Student Centre) from 5-7pm for students, parents and caregivers to be able to talk to some of the people from the visiting organisations, and also the Wellbeing teams within the College. One of the ensembles from this year’s Hagley Jazz programme, Tossed Salad, will be providing entertainment during the evening.