Hero photograph
Scott Kenton & Vanessa Monnox with a copy of The College Post

Hagley students with a nose for news!

Sienna Smale-Jackson —

This year, a group of junior journalists from The Newsroom Kete Wana class delved into the exciting world of news reporting, culminating in the production of their very own student newspaper, The College Post.

The students explored a range of topics, from the news values to journalistic ethics to the news production process, and honed their skills in interviewing, writing articles and taking newsworthy photos. Highlights included a talk by a visiting photojournalist, interview practice with the school Principal (thanks, Mike!) and a collaborative role-play with Drama students to develop students' interview skills. 

Students then applied their skills to the real world, creating their own newspaper with news articles, feature stories, reviews, profile and opinion pieces, political cartoons and entertaining letters to the editor. The students showed real initiative, brainstorming stories, interviewing staff and students around the school, taking photos, writing and editing the content and even designing the masthead. They were all very proud of the results of their mahi, The College Post, and enjoyed sharing their stories with their teachers, friends and whānau.