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Homework Centre

Multi-ethnic Homework and Study Support Centre

Thi Phan —

The Multi-ethnic Homework and Study Support Centre (Homework Centre –for short) welcomed a visit from Ministry of Education to the Primary Room, where support is offered to students of Year 1 to Year 8.

The Primary Room has 42 students in total, the majority of them originally from Afghanistan, Somalia, and Bhutan, and studying in different primary schools in Christchurch. They all enjoy studying at the Homework Centre, where they can catch up with their English language and academic performance. The teachers in the Primary Room help them develop their study habits, individual academic goals with social and learning skills. While the students are studying at the Homework Centre, their mums learn how to cook healthy food for the family in the next room.

In this term, there is a total of 105 students coming to the Homework Centre to study, increasing from 80 students in the last two terms.

If you want to improve your study, learn some English, or just want to sort out your homework, do come along to join us. We are in J Block, Hagley College.