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Celebrating After 3 Art and Technology programmes

Sarah Denny & Pip Judge —

While across the globe many functions have been closed to the public, Hagley College After 3 recently held their annual Art and Technology exhibition.

With contributions formed from collaboration between Photography, Printmaking, Ceramics, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Jewellery, Life Drawing, Woodwork and Glass, Metal, Plastic, the Exhibition is a testament to how adult learners have overcome the unprecedented challenges of 2020.

Making ‘Art’ relevant and accessible to the Ōtautahi community, numerous people gathered at Hagley to interact with Hagley’s budding artists and mingle among their photographs, exhibits and prints.

The eye-catching works on display revealed the lasting impact. Specifically, there is a clear correlation between adult education and art that leads to better health and higher personal wellbeing, to more social inclusion and a greater chance of finding new or improved employment.

Indeed, Hagley After 3 has become a platform, not only for further study, but as a place where artists gather and develop and exhibit their work. Hagley’s mission statement of ‘lifelong learning accessible for all’ was clearly showcased through this exhibition.