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What Now presenters Evander Brown, Erin Wells and Chris Kirkpatrick with artist Aidan Walbaekken (second from left).

Mural Gifted to Hagley Preschool

Leoni Combrink —

Hagley Preschool is the recipient of a mural which was created on the children’s TV show "What Now" on Sunday March 24th.

An incredible Wellington street artist, Aidan Walbaekken, created an artwork LIVE on the show (two 1.2m x 2.4m panels). It’s a wonderful kiwi motif, with koru, pohutukawa flowers and fifty white stars.

In accordance with Aidan's wishes, "What Now" wanted to gift the artwork to a school or preschool that was affected by the March 15 incident.

With Hagley Preschool's close connections and proximity to the Deans Avenue mosque, the ongoing love and support they have shown to families, and the fact that families gathered in and around Hagley in the days after the event, made them very worthy recipients.

Aidan spoke to us about his vision for the artwork before he created it:

The mural will tell a story of our nation trying to hold its head high in a dark time. 50 stars representing those lost. Mangopare to offer strength. Pohutukawa to connect whānau to their beloved. The nation holds its focus on...love.