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Senior Wellbeing Modules

Emma Lumb —

Our new programme of Senior Wellbeing Modules is well underway, with the first block of modules ending this week, and students in the midst of reflecting on their first options and selecting the modules they will begin at the start of term two.

Recreational options this term have included more physical options such as Kīo rahi, basketball, fencing, pre-season training, running and walking in the park, archery, through to yard games, strategic board games, science exploration, DJing, drawing and reading. We have also offered mindfulness strategies, and the introductory wellbeing toolkit.

“I enjoyed trying something new, which was archery. It was good for me to give new things a go instead of just the same things.” Liam Day

“It’s been great, I started doing it as a club after school.” Michael Pascoe

“It has been helping me with my stress and anxiety. I have been very engaged in my work.” Year 12 student

Students select a module for five weeks that fits into the spaces in their timetable. For Year 12 students this is compulsory, and participation is encouraged for Year 13s. Year 12s will do the Wellbeing Toolkit for one of their blocks in the first half of the year, as an introduction to some evidence-based strategies to look after their wellbeing.

The range of choices for block 2  is available on the school website under Student Wellbeing – students then need to make their selections online.

We are aiming to introduce students to some evidence-based strategies to look after their wellbeing (in the toolkit modules), and give them the opportunity to explore what works for them in the recreational, physical activity, interest and service options.

We’d love some encouragement from home – both with selection, and then attendance and enthusiastic participation!