Hero photograph
Year 13 Dux Liadan Dickie
Photo by Emma Booth

Senior Prize Giving

Rowan Milburn —

Celebration of Student Achievement

The Year 12 & 13 Senior Prize Giving was held at St Margaret’s Auditorium on 10th November.

This was a showcase of student achievement, as well as the talent that was on display through musical and dance items. Here is a summary of the students who received one of these awards:


  • National Honours – Heather Wright, Liadan Dickie, Elvis Nicolls, Liam Day, Israel Soper, Per Tonascia
  • Cultural Excellence Award – Elvis Nicolls
  • Bicultural Award – Solomon Davis
  • Abdul Rahman Ikhtiari Award – Fentahun Yismaw
  • Contribution to Sport Award – Jasmine Bates, Brannon Moore
  • All-Round Sporting Excellence Award – Liam Day
  • Contribution to the College Award – Cerwyn Bach-Strong
  • Year 12 Tuakana Taina – Mel Graham
  • Year 13 Tuakana Taina – Per Tonascia
  • Bickerton-Widdowson Scholarship – Sarah Alexander, Sol Rogers Mullins, Michael Pascoe, Quinn Ledgerwood-Gee
  • Hugh McDougall Rankin Science Award – Quinn Ledgerwood-Gee
  • Mavis Osborn Music Scholarship – Caitlin Brown
  • Professor Sir Frank Callaway Music Prize – Paikea Martini-Ormsby
  • Edwin Carr Music Composition Scholarship – Elvis Nicolls
  • Westonian Scholarship – Olivia Davis, Bailey Backhouse-Richards
  • Prime Minister’s Vocational Excellence Award – Leticia Candido
  • University of Otago Māori Entrance Scholarship – Keke Mote 
  • Year 12 Tohu Mātauranga – Hana Hollister
  • Year 13 Tohu Mātauranga – Elvis Nicolls
  • Year 12 Academic Excellence – Heather Wright
  • Year 13 Dux – Liadan Dickie

Congratulations to all of our students receiving awards, certificates and prizes.

Here is the link to the Senior Prize Giving photos: Senior Prize Giving

Thanks to Emma Booth who is the photographer at our school events.