Hero photograph
Photo by Bridget Salkeld

'Boost' Camp

Shakira, Liam & Israel (Year 12 students) —

We went to Kaikōura with a small group of students for a ‘boost’ camp from March 31st - April 1st.

It really was an amazing experience. My favourite part was when we did star gazing. We sat in a group and reflected, and then shared 3 things we were grateful for. It was an incredible moment where we could just lay there and just really think about our own well-being and how we can help others improve their well-being. We really appreciated the opportunity we got to take a break from life and do some activities in nature! We saw some really amazing sights - beautiful clear water, sights from the cliff-top walking track and the many beaches we visited.

What I got from the camp was that being kind to others can make you feel good about yourself. I also got to realise that I’m very grateful for everything I have, the people around me and the things I get to do. I also noticed I don’t just need my close friends with and around me all the time. I liked getting to know others, which was really good for my well-being too.