Hero photograph
Photo by Thi Phan

Contributing Outside his Comfort Zone

Kay McGowan —

Jinquan Feng came to Hagley at the beginning of 2017 as a true beginner in English language.

He came to Hagley because he had heard about its reputation of providing a high quality of teaching and support for English Language students. A safety manager in China, in 2010 he took up Tai Chi, a martial art practiced for both its defensive training and health benefits.

Recently he exemplified the values we hold dear at Hagley by giving back to our community. Although he was unable to use language to communicate with the participants, he responded to a call for an activity to support an Adult EL sports and well-being day, by leading an Introduction to Tai Chi group session. It proved to be a big hit with those students that were lucky enough to learn from this disciplined and graceful student of the art.