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Photo by Leoni Combrink

Kete Wana Te Reo Class

Chantelle Rakich —

This term in our Kete Wana Te Reo class, we have been exploring our values and Te Reo through a connection with the Hagley Preschool.

Each session, students set an individual Te Reo goal and we also work through shared learning goals that we put into practise, by teaching the tamariki at Hagley Preschool (Tuakana/Teina). Goals are differentiated, from select words to conversational language depending on each student's fluency. We have explored many waiata that we teach the tamariki, covering content such as Ngā tae (colours), Ngā nama (numbers/counting), verbs - oma, peke, pakipaki etc, kupu ahua and Te Tinana. We return to the wharenui afterwards and discuss kupu (words) that will support our next lesson (tārere = swing!) and reflect on how we went with our goals that day. The lessons started with a focus on whanaungatanga (relationships) with the tamariki, which included building self-awareness to meet their needs. We teach through play and waiata. Our rangatahi are now greeted with a resounding welcome from the tamariki when we arrive at the Preschool and there is lots of great fun and learning to be had.