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Photo by Emma Booth

It's all about a positive mindset

Mike Fowler —

Being able to identify for yourself your purpose, your connection to where you are and your self belief is central to fulfilling your potential.

It's vital that you can articulate your purpose, your connection and your capacity at Hagley and in each place, each stage as you move forward in your education or your career pathway. And there will be many stages. In a world of rapid change where and how you learn and work will take many different forms and paths, it’s even more vital that you can clarify for yourself, why am I doing this? In other words, you have a reason. It’s vital too that you work out how each place you’re in is your place to stand, you find a way to belong; and you believe in yourself, you believe you’re capable: 'I can learn this, I can do this’ thinking. Check out Giselle's, Georgie's, Emily's, Solomon's and Su's video stories for great examples of positive mindsets.

It’s what will give you a genuine sense of fulfilment next year, in five years' time, or in 40 years' time.

Whatever your plans for next year, my wero, my challenge to you, is to be able to identify your purpose, your connection, your self belief wherever you are – that will lead you to giving an answer about how you’ve got on that shows you’ve been successful and fulfilled your potential.

My challenge to our students at Hagley next year is that you’ll make this a priority: you'll be able to clarify with your tutors and your teachers what you want from school. Make the great opportunities here at Hagley part of your purpose for being here.