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Farewell to Anna Holmes

Thi Phan —

The journey of establishing multicultural programmes at Hagley is always changing and evolving.

This term we have had the pleasure of sharing many cultures and experiencing, firsthand, opportunities to learn more about tolerance, respect and acceptance. This happens naturally as teachers and learners are open to new ideas, ask and answer questions and begin to see each other’s individuality and viewpoints. At the same time, cooperation and social skills develop, families feel good about themselves and languages and traditions are valued.

This term, we have given Anna Holmes a warm farewell as she takes some time for day school commitments and her family. Huge THANKS from all of us Anna; your passion and commitment to helping so many students on their life paths has been greatly appreciated. WELCOME to Jo Rendall; thank you for stepping in and so readily offering your expertise to the Homework Centre.

The growth of cultural competence is indeed a process of inner growth. Thanks to all students and families for your contributions to a happy Term 3 and for helping us grow a foundation of respect for all communities.