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Year 12-13 Film & Media Production Class
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Film and Media Production - Censor for a Day Workshop

Ella Patterson, 12FMP —

Our combined Year 12-13 Film & Media Production class were invited to attend the Censor for a Day workshop held by the NZ Classifications Office at Event Cinema.

The workshop aims to teach youth all about the gateway criteria used to evaluate media and considerations around ratings, such as PG, M, R16, R18, and including rankings against violence, cruelty, horror, etc, and how these impact audiences.

We had an overview of the ‘gateway criteria’ and then watched a new release blockbuster film starring Angelina Jolie in 'Those Who Wish Me Dead'. As a collective of four representative high schools, we discussed and considered the film rating, which we all agreed on being an R16.

The workshop was very informative with an emphasis on safety and understanding the (literal!) behind-the-scenes of releasing a film (and we also had a bit of popcorn along the way too!).

Ella Patterson 12FMP