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Aria Hatakeyama - Year 10 Ngā Toi

Aria Hatakeyama

Year 10 Ngā Toi

Kia ora whanau

This is my Whakaahua Kiriaro (self portrait), which I created in Ngā Toi

Our mahi toi is inspired by Māori artist Robyn Kahukiwa, and how she utilises symbolism in her art.

I have chosen to portray each of my ethnicities and cultures within this portrait; Māori, Japanese, and Samoan. I have halved the portrait, with me in the centre. I have painted myself wearing a korowai and a kimono representing my Japanese and Māori side. In the background there is a large circle featuring a Samoan pattern. The sakura trees also represent my Japanese side. I chose to put them in because it overlaps my other ethnicities, meaning they are not separate but are one within me.